Best restaurants

# Il Ristorantino (Palermo; tel. 091-512861): This restaurant is hailed by some Italian critics for its classic and authentic Sicilian and Mediterranean cuisine. Francesco Inzerillo presents a creative menu based on his imagination, yet also keeps alive his favorite old-time recipes..

# Charleston Le Terrazze (Mondello; tel. 091-450171): Located in Palermo’s fashionable beach resort, this restaurant has a great tradition in town, from over 50 years serves a better cuisine than that found in the capital city itself. It’s housed in a building from 1913. The chefs use the finest ingredients in preparing the Sicilian traditional cuisine.

# Osteria del Duomo (Cefalù; tel. 0921-421838): Cefalù already worth the visit, the location of this “Osteria” is idyllic; from the town’s most famous cathedral is touristy, but this first-rate restaurant is anything but. It’s a bastion of some of the north coast’s grandest cuisine, specializing in sophisticated Sicilian fare along with a discreet offering of international dishes that have attracted world celebrities.

# Casa Grugno (Taormina; tel. 0942-21208): Taormina is one of the most exciting destination in the mediterraneum and this restaurant is one of the top food destination in the island. His stellar chef Andrea Zangerl, an Austria-born chef has modernize the traditional Sicilian cuisine addung a touch of a sublime international dishes draw the world to his doorstep.

# Le Zagare (Catania; tel. 095-7476111): There is no finer Grand Hotel-style dining on the eastern coast of Sicily than at this citadel of haute cuisine, serving the best of island dishes along with a well-chosen sampling of Continental recipes. The baroque city around it may be in decay, but the good life still holds forth here.

# Osteria I Tre Bicchieri (Catania; tel. 095-7153540; Upon opening in 2002 was often criticize because of the overrated prices comparing to small portion. It tooks years to be considered the Catania’s finest restaurant. Naples-born wunderkind and chef Laquinangelo Carmine has won immediate acceptance with his succulent Continental cuisine. He’s known especially for his preparation of Mediterranean fish.

# Il Duomo (Ragusa Ibla tel. 0932-651265): No doubt: One of the finest restaurants in southern Sicily! Il Duomo has been awarded Michelin stars. Its greatest devotees maintain that it is the best restaurant in Sicily, serving a deluxe island cuisine. In many cases, chefs perpetuate age-old cooking traditions in turning out their sublime culinary offerings.

# Ristorante Il Dehor (Agrigento; tel. 0922-511061): Dont’ loose your time, jsut go strit to this In grand villa of a hotel, Foresteria Baglio della Luna, and you will enjoy one of the best restaurants in all of Sicily, serving refined Sicilian and international cuisine. Well considered from press in Europe, this place will tempt you with an array of fixed-price menus from its very talented chef.

The Best Down-Home Trattorie

# Lo Scudiero (Palermo; tel. 091-581628): The capital’s finest moderately priced trattoria is set across from the landmark Politeamo Theater. Honest, straightforward Sicilian food is served here at very affordable prices.

# Bye Bye Blues (Mondello; tel. 091-6841415): Though the name doesn’t sound very Sicilian, this is one of the best places to go for true island cooking. A casual, relaxed place outside Palermo, this trattoria is run by a husband-and-wife team who are passionate about feeding you well from the island’s bounty.

# E Pulera (Lipari; tel. 090-9811158): For some of the best Aeolian cooking, head here for time-tested recipes and some of the best fish specialties in the island chain, including a delectable fishermen’s soup. No one makes a better swordfish ragout than these folks.

# Granduca (Taormina; tel. 0942-24983): If you think that pizza in Ny is the best pizza in the world, well, you’re wrong. The most atmospheric choice in this chic resort looks like an antiques store with potted plants. It also contains an alluring terrace with panoramic views where to admire the Etna volcano and the seaside while eating a delicious margherita pizza.

# La Grotta di Carmelo (Acireale; tel. 095-7648153): The setting looks touristy and gimmicky, as you dine in a cave carved into a rock-face wall. Don’t be scary, forget that it’s constructed of black-lava rock from Mount Etna; the restaurant go straigh to the point and serves really good food, both seafood and typical Sicilian fare. Much of the fish is brought in daily from the Ionian Sea fishermans

# Don Camillo (Syracuse; tel. 0931-67133): One of the city’s finest and most affordable dining rooms was constructed on the foundation of a 15th-century monastery. The cuisine of seafood and Sicilian recipes is among the most creative in town. It’s a charmer.

# Monte San Giuliano (Erice; tel. 0923-869595): In the medieval hilltop village of Erice, the most spectacular in Sicily, you can dine at this undiscovered garden hideaway after making your way through narrow labyrinthine streets. Most of the foodstuffs are plucked from the sea. Some of the dishes, such as a seafood couscous, are inspired by North Africa.

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