Thinghs to do in Agrigento

• The Valley of the Temples (see ‘Historic Sites’)

• Agrigento Old Town

Agrigento’s old town is well worth a visit thanks to its mixture of medieval streets and ancient ruins. The main road is the Via Atenea which comes alive during the evening passeggiata and is full of small, intriguing shops. Make a visit to the Duomo for some spectacular views across the valley, dating from the 11th century it offers an interesting mix of Arab, Norman and Catalan detailing. Also don’t miss the wonderful church of Santa Maria dei Greci which was built over the remains of a 5th century BC temple (the flattened columns of which can still be seen in the nave). The church of Santo Spirito is a former Cistercian monastery famous for its rich stucco decoration by Giacomo Serpotta.

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